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  1. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills!

    Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills!

  2. Loki and Thor!

    Loki and Thor!

  3. "When you’re on the chariot this time, no waving, no smiling. I just want you to look straight ahead, as if the entire audience is beneath your notice.”

    “Finally something I’ll be good at,” I say.

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  4. Haymitch pounces on me immediately. “So at least half the victors have instructed their mentors to request you as an ally. I know it can’t be your sunny personality.”

    “They saw her shoot,” says Peeta with a smile. “Actually, I saw her shoot, for real, for the first time. I’m about to put in a formal request myself.”

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    I really don’t want to see Sleepy Hollow become “a man on a mission to avenge his wife and son”. I didn’t like last night’s episode and I’ve been so excited about them up until now. I’ve really tried to like Katrina, and she might be ok in little bits, but I just don’t think I’m going to like her…

    Pretty much sums up how I feel about the show rn.

    I’m hoping they’ll tie up the Katrina issues soon and focus back on Abbie instead.

  6. dikatria:

    There’s no one left I love~Johanna Mason

    Now Johanna I liked even more in the movie than I did the book. She was bad ass.

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