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  1. daenerys-targaryen-rp:

by VeilaKs

This would be interesting!



    by VeilaKs

    This would be interesting!

  2. farbenfrei:



    Thor: The Dark World - Film vs. Location [2/2]

    Only posting this cus I’ve been to the naval college in Greenwich and it really is gorgeous

    ohh someone did this with Thor - awesome!

    So cool!

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  3. paraph:

    I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. OMFG.

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  4. "Loki presents an illusion of sleek elegance and control to everyone, but actually inside is this bleeding broken heart."

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  5. Loki doesn’t just steal the movie. He steals it, sets it on fire, and then claims the insurance money.
  6. glenny-dear:

    Is there a way to get the little Ta-da part from Thor 2 that Loki does when they get to Svaltfheim as a ringtone

    Next time I get to see Thor 2 this is happening. Once I make it I will upload it and share it with everyone!

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  8. sexiestvelociraptoralive:

* BOOP *

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